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Credit Card

We accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB

Which credit cards may I use?

At, you may use Mastercard, Diners Card, Visa, American Express or Discover cards By Paypal , using the secure server at , our payment partnter processor. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as ' Inc'.

Is the payment server secure?

Yes. implements the highest security standards, using SSL encryption.

How can I make sure that the server is secure?

Before you enter your credit card information, look at the web-address ( or ‘link’,or ‘url’) showing in your browser. The web-address will (and should) start with https://. The ‘s’ in the https:// means that the page where you are entering your credit card information is a page secured by a SSL Certificate. No-one can look at your credit card information other than you and the credit card processor,

Does have access to my credit card info?

No, not at all. We don’t even see any of your credit card information. You submit it directly to


SSL: Secure Socket Layer - a Internet wide security standard. Depending on the browser, you may see at the bottom right of your browser, a key icon becoming whole or a padlock closing, indicating that the session is secure.


We accept payments via PayPal! To pay with PayPal, place your order online ,Select "PayPal" as your payment method. You will not need to enter any credit card information to continue placing orders.

Your order will process orders upon our receipt of payment confirmation email from PayPal.Please note our paypal account is

If you do not already have a PayPal account and would like one, or need more information, click the link below to sign up. You will leave the Oriental Cheongsam web site and be taken directly to the PayPal website.

Wire Transfer

Here are the banking details to allow you to make a successful wire transfer. Please note that customers shall be responsible for all bank charges incurrence.

Please contact us for our account information:

Alternately,we do recommend you to make a payment by electronically check via or