Return Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with our purchase. If you are not,and want to refund or exchange the products,you must contact us within 5 days.The items must be sent back the products within 10 days after received the parcel. Receiving date is the day the customer consigned the parcel, which is recorded by delivery courier's tracking file.Before you return items, The items will be unworn and clean wrap in original fold and in original wrapping.

Return Policy

How do I cancel the order?

Sorry, we don't accept the order cancellation for any reason, please make the right decision before you finalize the order.

How do I exchange items?

The best way to arrange for an exchange is to contact us within 5 days of deliveried. Our customer service staffs will give you correct instructions pertaining to your particular order. Every exchange scenario can be different and there may be times when we can help you avoid unnecessary costs of sending your items back to us.

What if my package is damaged or has a manufacturing defect?

All solid products are carefully wrapped with utmost care to ensure a safe delivery to their destination. In the rare event that you encounter goods damage, you may contact our customer service staff for assistance.

If the package is hold in Customs and requiry me to pay the duty fee,can I cancel the order and get the refund ? does not take responsibility for any additional fees or charges imposed by your local authorities when bringing in goods from other countries. Kindly check with your local authorities on the costs and rules when buying goods from overseas.The order can't be canceled because it's not our fault.

What's ready-made clothing return policy? guarantees our product to be totally satisfied by you.

If the clothes has serious scratches on it,you are able to return such goods to us or exchange it for qualified goods.

If the unfitness of the clothes is due to the wrong size by customers, the customer will be responsible for all the shipping cost, you are able to exchange the another size or another color items if they are in stock.

  • Shipping fees are not refundable.
  • Customers are responsible for the shipping charges if orders are refused by the customers.
  • Speical prices items are not refundable and exchangable.
  • Certain items are marked as non-returnable, and/or non-exchangeable.
  • Submitting the refund & exchange requirements within 5 days since items were deliveried.
  • The return items must be shipped back to us within 10 days after the deliveried date
  • A restocking fee of 15% of the order total amount will be charged to cover part of our handling and financial cost.


We allow ALL BUT THE FOLLOWING products to be non-returnable/non-exchangeable:

  • - custom-made clothes
  • - Submitting the refund & exchange requirements over 5 days since items were deliveried.
  • - The return items are shipped back to us over 10 days after the deliveried date
  • - Items are already worn.
  • - Promotion free gifts, discount and special goods

We suggest you make careful selections for clothing before you finalize your order. Please refer to the appropriate size chart information when ordering clothes.

What's the custom-made clothing return policy?


Remedy for mistake made by the Tailor

The only exception if the Tailor made an error in the correct measurements given by the Client outside of the definitions given in "Measurements" . In such case the Tailor is obliged to, at his discretion, alter or remake the garment for FREE under the following terms:

- If the Tailor requests the Client to return the garment for alternation, the Tailor will reimburse postage (maximum up to US$10) to the Client. - Should the original order is a 'Rush delivery', the Tailor will refund US$10 as compensation for the delay.

- The garment will be altered or remade EXACTLY to the ORIGINAL measurements and instructions given in the original order. No subsequent amendment is acceptable. (Should the Client request any change to the original order, fees as mentioned below will become applicable.)

- The tailor should alter/remake the garment as soon as possible and ship it back to the Client. The Client understands and agrees that the above-mentioned remedy would be the full and final solution to the problem. Due to variation in properties and calibrations of different monitors, the colors on the screen may not 100% reflect true colors of the fabrics. Certain color variation should be expected and thus under no circumstance color variation would be considered an error.

Remedy to mistake made by the Client

Sometimes clients may make mistake in taking measurements. For example, clients might make rooms to the measurements instead of giving exact measurements as advised.

The Tailor has the responsibility to help the Client in altering or remaking the garment on a no-profit base. The Client would return the garment and agree to pay the following cost:

- If the garment can be altered (e.g. letting out a little bit or making it shorter/narrower): 3%~10% of the original garment cost.

- If the garment cannot be altered but can be changed to another style (e.g. a dress too short which can be altered to become a top): 25% of the original garment cost .

- If the garment should be remade: 50% of the new garment cost

The Client will pay return shipping and re-shiping cost of airmail or Express delivery determined by the Client.

How do I return the merchandise ?

  1. Please contact us to get Return for Inspection (RFI) number if you choose to return the package to us within 5 days of deliveried date.
  2. Indicate whether you wish to make an exchange or receive a credit on the card used for the original purchase.
  3. Pack and seal you return securely in the original package if possible and include the original invoice. Packages must be returned pre-paid. We cannot accept COD deliveries. When sending your items, we advise using an insured carrier such as Federal Express or UPS. This will enable you to track your package more easily.
  4. Please contact us for the return mailling address once you need the return.
  5. *IMPORTANT! - When you ship your goods back, please declare the package value as US$20.00 or less. This will help remove any customs tax liabilities on our end when receiving your return items. It will also help to reduce delay in processing your returns.

Who pays for shipping exchange or return items back to

The Customer will be responsible for shipping their items back to us and re-shipping cost. We will be responsible for the re-shipping exchange items back to you if the fault caused by us, just as the sending the wrong items, manufacturing defect and so on.

If the returns caused by wrong shipping address given or unsuccessful delivery due to the absence, customer will pay for the shipping fee for resending.

Thus, we suggest you make careful selections for clothing before you finalize your order. Please refer to the appropriate size chart information when ordering clothes. Our size charts follow US standards.

Can I get a refund (only for ready-made garments, certain items are marked non-refundable or non-exchangebale in product detail page)?

You will be eligible for a refund claim within 5 days from the date of deliveried items. For refunds, we will issue you an immediate refund of the value of your returned goods minus 15% re-stocking fee. This applies ONLY for items purchased at normal retail price. On returns, we can credit the credit card used for the original purchase. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the refund credit to appear on your statement. For money order,we can only refund by Paypal if you have a account.Alternately we may be able to offer you store credits equivalent to the amount of the purchase price of your returned goods. These store credits can be redeemed as cash equivalents on your next purchase. For the best arrangement, please contact us to service your return request.

Why do I have to pay a a 15% re-stocking fee of total amount for refund ?

This is a store policy set by management. We need to charge a nominal fee in order to offset the cost of order processing.